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We start our day by visiting the train cemetry, its history and its importance in the 19 th century


Then we will drive towards Colchani where we'll discover the processing plants of Salt and how it is manufactured . If your are into shopping there will be plenty of souvenir stores too ! 

Soon after, our journey, into the biggest Salt Flat of the world, will sart , first with the salt museum "Playa blanca" and the Dakar monument .


Soon, after driving to a secret spot, we'll start our Photo session for perspective shots and all the funny pics that are involded in it, and if you want you can bring toys to add some special pics in the mix


We continue to the north, where the Thunupa volcano await for us and its diverse Fauna and Flora .

We visit the volcano itself and all its surroundings, including historical elements.


Sunset will take place in the border of the Salt Flat, so we can appreciate the changes of colors as the time goes by.


- Lodging in Jirira, Hostal Doña Lupe. (Dinner and breakfast)


- After dinner, if the weather conditions are stable, we can enter the Salt Flat again to enjoy a breathtaking nightshow of shinning stars and the Milky Way .


After breakfast, at 09:00 am.

We start our trip with a series of attractions and unimaginable landscapes by going  in the North West part of the Salt Flat where we'll see :

- Cavern of Chiquini, a formation of petrified algae under the old lake of the
Altiplano of the Andes.

- The Huáscar Inti Pyramid Island.

Furthermore into the Salt Flat, the Inca Wasi island, which we can visit in its entirety, will be the main event of the 2 day. A 1 hour hike will be performed there until reaching a height of 80 meters. On the top of the island we  will appreciate the cacti, petrified coral rocks, volcanic rocks and some Vizcachas( Rabbit like animals) if you are lucky plus one of the best 360* view of the Salt Flat . 



Lunch on the Island, in the Mongos restaurant. (Full dishes, Vegetarian and Beef, beef or chicken)

- At the end of the afternoon we head towards the Village of San Juan, a small vilage where we spend the night in a hostel. (Dinner and breakfast included)


After breakfast we start our journey through the desert of Chiguana. A Small nearby desert with beautifull Volcanoes surrounding it. 

Now Driving towards South a whole series of lagoons lay there to be discover, including:

- Laguna Cañapa, with its colorful landscapes and Andean flamingos.
- Hedionda Lagoon, with a sulfurique smell

- Turquiri Lagoon, hidden to most tourists





From there, we start our journey back to Uyuni crossing:

-Valle of rocks, an awesome petrified lava river with interesting rock formations

-People of Alota, where people mostly leave out  Llama breeding

-San Cristobal, a small town next to the biggest Zinc exporter in Bolivia



Accommodation in the hostel "La magia de Uyuni".


Waking up at 07:00 am. for a good breakfast, we get ready to drive to Potosí to explore some ancient sites :

- Pulacayo Silver Mine. One of the most famous mines in the world in the 19th century.

In which one of the highlights is the story of Buch Casidy and Sundance kid.

- Followed by the hot springs of the Rosary. (Carry a swim-suit by hand with Towel)

- Picnic Lunch.

- In the afternoon we start the visit of the Mint Museum.

- Visit of the Socavón Potosí mine.

At the end of this tour we go to the city of Sucre, an approximate travel time of 2:30 hours.

Arrival at sucre and lodging (Hotel Imainalla)

Diner included


Once the breakfast is finished, we begin our visit to the "City of 4 Names" and its beautiful surroundings.

Visiting options:

-Museum "House of freedom".
-Museum of the cathedral.
-Museum "Asur".
-Museum of the dinosaur tracks.
- Bolívar Park.


Lunch in the Imainalla restaurant

Free afternoon.

If you need specific information on Sucre and its surrounding we are working closely with:



Transfer to the terminal.

End of service





  • - Private tran
    sport 4x4, 2 VEHICLES. A capacity of 4 passengers and another for 5 passengers.

  • - Driver Guide., Hot Springs, Coin Museum, Potosí Mine Tour and Three Museums in Sucre by choice)

  • - 5 nights of basic accommodation in rooms with private bathroom.

  • - Food (5 lunches, 4 dinners, 5 breakfasts).

  • - Snacks for the day.

  • - Oxygen Bottle, first aid.

  • - Entrances to the attractions (Thunupa Volcano, Inca Island Wasi, Devil's Cave



  • - Alcoholic drinks.

  • - Personal Tips.

  • - Tickets for bathrooms.


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