After finishing your Breakfast we'll Departure to Colchani in which we will visit its salt processing plants, its crafts and how its manufactured.


Then we will go to the edge of the Salt Flats towards the Salt pyramids, Ojos del Salar and the Playa Blanca Museum.


Before biking will go to the Tunupa Volcano and we will have a Box Lunch in the middle of the Salar. Next we will unload the bikes and prepare them for a pedaling from 1 hour to 2 hrs in the Salar facing Tunupa Volcano. (In case you get tired  or you no longer want to pedal, you can continue in the support car that will come along us all the trip).








Looping back, we'll enter the Salar course to the (Isla Inka Wasi) (45 km) with Bicycles.


You can push it until it doesnt please you anymore in which case we can pack the bikes on the trailer and continue on toward our lunch spot.






Arriving to the Island, we take our lunch break and soon after a little rest, start for the trek to the summit of the island where you can appreciate the magnitude of the Biggest Salt Flat on Earth, in its 360º, its Giant Cacti, its Petrified Corals and its Wildlife.


Then you can decide whether to continue with the bike or the car from the island, heading towards Uyuni.


We finish the trip at 7 pm approx .


Private transportation.

Bilingual guide.

Feeding/ Snacks

Oxygen bottle

First aid kit.

Bicycles with its equipment (Helmet, Gloves)

Entrance to the Attractions.




lcoholic drinks.



What to bring?


Mountain Clothing.

Sunglasses. (Polarized onesl).


Cap or Hat



And the will to enjoy these unforgettable landscapes !

So don't miss out on this amazing opportunity and get your reservation now !

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